Are you a fan of Pokémon? Then I'm sure you'll enjoy this Rowlet cake! With the, at the time, impending release of Pokémon Sun & Moon I decided to create my favourite starter from this game: Rowlet in cake form. Rowlet and Pokémon are property of Nintendo and GameFreak and I am in no way claiming ownership of them.

This is one of my many recipes that have also been shared on AVO Magazine. Find more Japan related recipes, reviews, interviews and much more on their website.

Remember you can make most of my recipes lactose free, which I always do, you'll just have to get the right ingredients.


What you'll need

  • 2 Batches of Chocolate Cake
  • 8 Batches of Dark Chocolate Ganache
  • Small Amount of Simple Syrup
  • 750 grams of White Fondant
  • 60 grams of Orange Fondant
  • 650 grams of Brown Fondant
  • 90 grams of Green Fondant
  • 10 grams of Black Fondant
  • Optional: Food Colouring, gel or powder*

*You could colour your own fondant, starting with white. I used RD ProGel Orange, Leaf green, Chestnut Brown & Wilton Black.


What you'll need

  • 3D Ball or Sphere Cake Pan (Ø15,2 cm)
  • Springform Pan (Ø20 cm)
  • Baking paper
  • Scissors
  • Pastry Brush
  • Cake Board or Plate (Ø15,5 cm or more)
  • Palette Knife
  • Serrated Knife
  • Acetate
  • Rolling Pin
  • Small Brush
  • Sharp Small Knife
  • Fondant Modelling Tools
  • Circle Cookie Cutter (Ø7 cm)
  • Powdered Sugar*
  • Optional: (Disposable) Piping Bag(s)

*Small amount necessary for rolling out the fondant.

You'll also need the tools used in this recipe and this recipe.



  1. Prepare the chocolate ganache as described in this recipe, it's going to be used as a frosting.
  2. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  3. Place one half of the sphere cake pan on a sheet of baking paper, trace the outline and cut it out. Fold the circle in half twice, leaving you with a quarter. Make five cuts, two down the fold lines and three in between. Cut about halfway down. Do this twice so you've got a cirle of baking paper for each half sphere.
  4. Butter your half sphere cake pans and springform pan. Place the cut circles in the half sphere cake pans and cover the springform pan in baking paper as well.
  5. Prepare the chocolate cake batter as described in this recipe. Divide ¾ of the batter between the two half sphere cake pans evenly. Put the rest of the batter into the springform pan.
  6. Bake the springform cake for 15 to 25 minutes. Bake the half sphere cakes for 30 to 40 minutes. NOTE: If you insert a skewer and no wet batter sticks to it: the cake is done!
  7. Let the cakes cool down completely.
  8. Level the cakes with a serrated knife, place a half sphere cake pan over the springform cake to cut off the sides to the right size.
  9. Cut a small amount off of the top of one of the half sphere cakes, to flatten it. Place some chocolate ganache on it and put it on a cake board or plate.
  10. Brush some Simple Syrup onto the cut sides of the cakes.
  11. Pipe and/or spread some chocolate ganache onto the half sphere cake on the cake board.
  12. Place the springform cake on top and pipe and/or spread some more chocolate ganache onto that.
  13. Place the last cake, a half sphere cake, on top.
  14. Cover the whole cake in chocolate ganache, using a palette knife to spread it out. Smooth it all out using a piece of acetate. NOTE: I find it easier to pipe the chocolate ganache onto the cake and then spread it.
  15. Refrigerate the cake while you roll out the white fondant, using a small amount of powdered sugar if needed, to 0,3 cm or 0,5 cm thick, make sure the diameter of the fondant is bigger than the circumference of your cake. NOTE: Measure the circumference by starting at the bottom, going over the cake and measuring to the bottom on the parallel side.
  16. Place the fondant over your rolling pin to lift it and drape it over your cake, smooth down the fondant gently, making sure there's no folds. Cut off the excess. NOTE: Use some of the excess fondant, rolled into two balls, to smooth the fondant on the cake. 
  17. Fill in any cracks by creating some fondant pasta, mix some of the fondant with water until you've got a good paste consistency and brush it into the cracks.
  18. Shape 60 grams of the green fondant into Rowlet's tail feather, using fondant modelling tools and your fingers. Attach it to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.
  19. Shape 30 grams of the green fondant into Rowlet's bowtie, using fondant modelling tools and your fingers. Freeze the bowtie if you weren't able to flatten it well at the bottom.
  20. Shape 40 grams of the orange fondant into Rowlet's two paws, using fondant modelling tools and your fingers. Attach them to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.
  21. Create the padding for underneath the brown feathers out of the leftover white fondant, don't use it all up. Attach the padding to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.
  22. Roll out the brown fondant thinly, using a small amount of powdered sugar if needed, and drape it over the cake. Smooth it down onto the cake and cut off the excess with a small sharp knife.
  23. Use the circle cookie cutter to gently remove part of the brown fondant where Rowlet's face will be.
  24. Create one orange and one white beak, out of fondant, and cut them like Rowlet's beak is divided. Attach a piece of white beak to a piece of orange beak and then attach it to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.
  25. Use a little bit of white fondant and a little bit of black fondant to create Rowlet's eyes. Attach them to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.
  26. Remove the bowtie from the freezer and cut it so it's flat where it'll be attached to Rowlet. Attach it to Rowlet using a little bit of water and a small brush.

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